Tour 1 with Patrick Bo.

If walls could talk, the city of Bern had a lot of stories to tell! Some are thrilling, others would make you laugh. As walls can't talk, we would love to stroll around the old town of Bern with you, dive into more than 800 years of history of this beautiful jewel and share some old as well as new stories with you.


In about 2h we will discover the old town, we will learn why people in Bern are so obsessed by bears, why it's legal to pee against the clock tower and lots of other usefull facts about this UNESCO world heritage site at the river Aare.


Meeting Point: Rosengarten

Duration: Around 2h15


Tour 2 with Nora

On this tour you'll visit the main sights of Switzerland's capital city as well as discovering hidden places filled with history which cannot been found in any other tourist guides.


Hear the story behind the "Chindlifresserbrunnen" (The fountain of the children-gobbler), find out why two french soldiers were killed by a barrel of wine a few hundred years ago and why everyone in Switzerland says that Bernese people are slower than anyone else.


Meeting point: UBS opposite the Loebegge

Duration: Around 2h


Tour 3 with Patrick Ba.

Bern and its totem animal are very much alike: cute, vivid or sleepy depending on the mood. But most of all, both are resourceful! This tour will take you on a journey through the Lower and Upper Old Town, from the oldest stages of the city, before Bern was Bern, to some of its most contemporary aspects. For Bern doesn't just have a recipe for the best chocolate; it also knows how to perfectly mix past with present to create an atmosphere of its own.

This tour does not focus on the most famous landmarks; you won't hear much about the cathedral or the Clock Tower. It is designed for people interested in essential and not so essential questions, such as: Are Bernese people funny? How many languages can be present at once in a tiny neighbourhood? How colonial is Switzerland and its capital city? And, most importantly: What's the deal with all these bears?! Let's find out together!


Meeting point: Yellow letterbox at the Bärengraben

Duration: Around 2h30


Tour 4 with Lara

Ice cream, almondcakes, cheese, onions and chocolate! On my tour you will get a lot of information about food. But you will also get to know a bernese rap duo, our beautiful dialect and other strange languages; you will learn why Napoleon and the dutch added colour to our beloved city and why bears sometimes have the same problems as we do. On sunny cloudless days you are going to have a fantastic view on the alps.


Meeting point: Grosse Schanze

Duration: Around 2h15


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