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Our team consists of two members, which are introducing themselves on this page.

Patrick Bo.

Grüessech and welcome to Bern! My name is Patrick and together with Nora I founded Free Walking Tours Bern a couple of years ago. I was born in this city in 1980 and never got bored of my beautiful home ever since! I'm a passionate traveller, trumpet player and hiker and (working as a Software Engineer) a huge nerd. One thing that I've learned as a traveller was, that you never really know a city until you have seen it through the eyes of a local. On my tour you will learn a lot about Bern's history but I will also tell you a lot of stories that you can't find on Wikipedia. Together we will explore the old town and it's secrets and we get to know the funny people who live in it's walls. See you soon! Patrick


Hello everyone! My name is Nora, I was born and raised in Bern and in summer 2014 Patrick and I had the idea to found Free Walking Tours Bern. Since then, I’ve conducted over two hundred tours, I’ve met many great people from all over the world and I hope I’ve offered a great walk through the city of Bern to all of them. When I’m not guiding people through the city, I’m studying political sciences in the Master at the University of Bern and during my leisure time I like to do any kind of sport, to meet friends and play games and of course, I like to travel and to do free walking tours myself! See you soon :-)


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