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Meeting point for tour 1

We meet at Rosengarten at the viewpoint next to the Restaurant.

How to get there

From the main station take bus 10 (Ostermundigen Rüti) and leave at "Rosengarten". The tour will end in the city center close to the main station.

Meeting point for tour 2

We meet opposite the Loebeggen in front of the UBS (address: Bubenbergplatz 3). At the moment, they renovate the building, so at the moment you can't see the building because of a scaffold.

How to get there

Take a tram/bus/train or walk to the railwaystation. If you are standing under the baldachin you see the department store "Loeb". Vis-à-vis you find the UBS and that's where we meet.

Meeting point for tour 3

We meet at the yellow letterbox at Bärengraben (bear park).

How to get there

Take bus 12 (Zentrum Paul Klee) and leave at "Bärengraben". The letterbox is on the left side of the old bear pit if you look from the bus station to the restaurant "Altes Tramdepot".

Meeting point for tour 4

We meet at Grosse Schanze, next to the restaurant Grosse Schanze.


How to get there

Take the elevator at the very back of the underground of the trainstation. Leave at the 4th floor and walk straight. You are going to find me around the corner of the restaurant.

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